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Kinesiology works with the body, mind, emotions and subtle energy field to help remove the causes of stress and dis-ease.

Tap into your potential and live with greater vitality, ease, clarity and joy.


Welcome to Byron Bay Kinesiology.

Body Wizdom offers Byron Bay kinesiology consultations. At Body Wizdom in the Byron Bay area, you will experience a very professional and comprehensive kinesiology session that will uncover root causes of issues with your health. Your body is the best health practitioner you can find and kinesiology will allow you to unlock the wisdom of your body. Body Wizdom offers kinesiology consultations in the Byron Bay region, in the suburb of Mullumbimby which is a short drive from Byron Bay.

So if you are ready to overcome unhealthy habits, increase your energy and improve your health and your quality of sleep, then come and see us for kinesiology in Mullumbimby, Byron Bay.

Time to get your body into gear and run on all cylinders.

Contact Deva Nandan on 0431035271